Thank you for your interest in submitting to Parables Magazine. Please read through the Submission Guidelines. Submitting your work indicates that you have read and understand the guidelines.

**Updated 5/15/2023**  


All written submissions should be sent via e-mail to:

parablessubs @ gmail.com


Send all written submissions to our Editor Christina Weigand at parablessubs@gmail.com 

The Due Dates are:

Fall 2023 – July 25, 2023 

**Christmas 2023 – SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 **

Winter 2024 – NOVEMBER 25, 2023

**Lent 2024 – December 30, 2023**

Spring 2024 – Feb 25, 2024

** Specialty Issues: Submissions are urgently requested. Publication is contingent on available content. ** 


Ideas write about include:

  • Topics that coincide with the Liturgical Calendar
  • Saint Feast Days **Query first about your particular saint as we may already have content for him or her. **
  • What we believe  – i.e. (think of the Creed and Catechism)
  • How to pray
  • Daily struggles and hardships (that children 6-12 may run into) 
  • Catholic traditions
  • Catechism 
  • The Beatitudes – How to live them and what they are.
  • The Sacraments
  • Guides/tips on Confession
  • How to prepare for Confirmation
  • The Holy Spirit
  • How to deepen our relationship with God
  • Family Routines
  • Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy
  • Venial and Mortal sins
  • What the Liturgical Calendar is


We are looking for content that touches on the history, Traditions, saints, and Scripture of that season.




We are looking for Stories

  • With well-developed characters facing a problem they need to solve 
  • Stories should demonstrate a positive decision-making process if needed. 
  • Stories should not be overly “preachy”. Instead, we want to see Catholic values displayed in real-life settings.
  • Word Count – up to 500 words.


Bible Stories 

Reading the Word of God is arming ourselves with the “Belt of Truth.
Knowing about the faith and the reasons behind our traditions will help our readers in protecting their faith. Be creative and fun!

Topic ideas include Articles about:

  • Church history
  • Saint Feast Days
  • Biographies of Church leaders and saints
  • Traditions
  • Catechism
  • Nonfiction for PREP classes
  • Word Count – up to 600 words. Approval is needed for longer articles.



Poems should be:

  • Of children’s interests
  • Faith-based
  • Centered on a religious figure, theme, or concept 
  • Up to 12 lines in length.


Activities can be:

  • recipes
  • puzzles
  • rebus
  • crossword puzzles
  • word finds
  • cryptograms
  • coloring pages
  • crafts
  • recipe
  • or any other fun activity to learn the faith

                                IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTOR UPDATE


Submit through e-mail

  • Put the submission category and the in the subject line (Fiction, Poetry). Indicate in the e-mail which issue you are submitting for. 

  • If your submission is a simultaneous submission, please indicate this in your submission e-mail.  

  • **Manuscripts may be edited for length and/or minor content changes. ** Anything that needs substantial changes, our team will contact the author.

  • Response time varies but is generally one – three weeks. 



  • Attach to email .doc, .dox, rtf, or Google Doc.
  • Double spaced, size 14, and in Times New Roman. 
  • Include at the top of your document your name, e-mail, submission type, and word count. For Bible Stories, include the Bible verses you are retelling. 



* Parables CAN NOT offer payment at this time * 

Please support us at our Patreon page to change this.



Fill out this GOOGLE FORM here. 


The Process:

If we are interested, we will let you know that you will be added to our list of illustrators. When a manuscript is accepted and we think it matches your style and interest, we will assign the illustration with a projected deadline.



* Parables CAN NOT offer payment at this time *

Please support us at our Patreon page to change this.


Illustrators will always retain the right to use their work on their website and other promotions unless specifically stated otherwise.



Parables Magazine asks for Exclusive and Reprint rights (both print and electronic).

Join our Contributor’s Group on Facebook for up-to-date submission calls.



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