The Covid Christmas Miracle

by Cynthia Reeg I pressed my face against the living room’s cold windowpane. Behind me, Mom and Dad stood huddled in the kitchen.               “It won’t be much of a Christmas this year, Sonia.” Dad’s heavy words said more.  Worry about COVID, his lost job, and no money. “We’ll make this Christmas special,” said Mom. […]

Mara and the Two Coins

by Jane Lebak Mara lived in Capernaum with her mother, her father, and two brothers. Mara was born with no hair. Everyone said, “Don’t worry. Next year, Mara will have hair.” Next year, she still had no hair. Everyone promised, “Next year, Mara will have hair.” When Mara was two, people said, “She should have […]

Uncle Steve Explains Purgatory

Hannah and Sir Hopalot

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