Saint Mary Magdalene

Feast day July 22 Mary of Magdala stood with Mary the mother of Jesus at the foot of the cross gazing into the face of her savior. Memories from three years ago flooded her mind. It seemed like yesterday when Jesus found her overwhelmed with screaming demons. Jesus reached out to her. She backed away. […]

St. Philip the Apostle

St. Philip the Apostle Philip stood with the other apostles and listened to Jesus speak. Jesus’s words drew many people to hear Him speak. Philip marveled at the large number of people Jesus attracted today, but now the people started to grumble; they were hungry. Philip understood their discomfort, for his stomach rumbled also. He […]

James the Less

St. James the Less “I beseech Thee, Lord God and Father, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing.” St. James the Less Tweet James may not have been one of the original twelve apostles as there were three James mentioned in the New Testament. It’s possible that James the Less joined the […]

St. Joseph the Foster Father of Jesus

St. Joseph the Foster Father of Jesus Saint Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus. It might sound amazing to be part of the Holy Family, but there were many trials that came along with it.  First, the Bible tells us the story of Jesus’ birth. When Mary was engaged to Joseph, he heard about […]

Holy Family Flees to Egypt

The Holy Family Flees to Egypt You all have heard the story of Jesus and the journey his parents, Mary, and Joseph, took to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. But do you know the story about another journey the Holy Family took? Not long after Jesus was born and the shepherds went back to their […]

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