Parables Mag – Prepare for Big Changes

It Begins On St. Michael’s Feast Day It’s happening. In 26 days, the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, on September 29, we are launching our Indiegogo campaign. With your help, we will raise funds that will make the print edition of Parables a reality!    Don’t miss out!  Our newsletter subscribers will be notified […]

Our Patron Saint

We Have a Patron Saint We are excited to announce that St. Michael the Archangel is our Patron Saint! We know that doing the work of God, spreading His Word needs as much support as possible. That’s why we thought we would seek guidance and protection from this powerful saint. As the defender of God, […]

Saint John Vianney

The Cure de Ars Saint John Vianney was born in 1786 and grew up loving the Catholic faith. He strongly believed priests were heroes.  He studied to be a priest, but during the French Revolution, he was drafted to be in Napoleon’s army.  He was able to escape after being injured with help from a […]

Saints Joachim and Anne

The Mysterious Parents of Mary Tradition states that Saint Joachim and Saint Anne were the parents of Mary, the mother of God.  While there is no mention of them in scripture, stories began to surface with their names around a hundred years after Jesus’ Resurrection. Writings such as The Protoevangelium of James mention Joachim as a […]

Our Angels

Have You Met Our Angels? We are excited to present Nathan (Nate) and Seraphina as the newest members of our Parables Family. Parables named our angels because they are characters associated with the magazine. In real life, we don’t get to name our Guardian Angels.  When we name things such as pets, it indicates we […]

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