Parables to Print is Underway

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We asked our audience what they wanted most out of Parables Magazine. Overwhelmingly, our readers said they wanted a print version. As you know up to this point, we have been digital only.  We heard our readers and we are responding. However,  running a printed magazine has many more costs involved. 

To make this a quality magazine we must pay our contributors. By contributors I not only mean authors and illustrators, but we must pay for design, marketing, paper, printing, webhosting, software, business fees and so much more. I wish we were able to do this for free, but with all the costs involved, it just isn’t possible.

Why Parables Magazine?

There’s a big problem right now. Our faith is under attack and so many people never get a deep understanding of what the Catholic faith really is.  We want to change that! We want our kids to know the faith and love it all that much more. 

We offer segments such as:
Catechism Notes (Cat-Notes)

  • Bible Verses
  • Divine Mercy Minute
  • Q&A
  • Tear out Resources
  • Stories
  • Articles
  • Saints
  • Crafts
  • Liturgical Calendar 


We keep growing by the issue. We want to continue this mission but we need your help! 

What Can You Do To Help?

Here’s how to help us reach our goal:

Pre-Order your print subscription here.  *Important* If we don’t meet our goal, printing will not be funded. You will be refunded your support from Indiegogo. To ensure this doesn’t happen, follow the rest of the steps after supporting us

SHARE the link. **Tip** Once you have an Indiegogo account and are logged in, use the “Share Link” button. This link is also a referral link. At the end of our successful campaign, our top referrers will receive a reward. 

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