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Have You Met Our Angels?

We are excited to present Nathan (Nate) and Seraphina as the newest members of our Parables Family.

Parables named our angels because they are characters associated with the magazine. In real life, we don’t get to name our Guardian Angels.  When we name things such as pets, it indicates we have authority over them. With angels, we do not have that authority. 

Nate and Seraphina will be guiding us through each issue, pointing out important facts, activities, and other items. Look for them in the Fall 2023 edition, coming to you on September 1, 2023.  

We chose to introduce them in this issue because in October we celebrate the feast of the angels as well as the feast of the archangels. What better time to announce our new friends?

Nathan likes to go by the name of Nate. He works closely with Seraphina. Honoring God and staying true to His teachings is important to him. He loves God with all his heart and doing His will is a top priority. 

Art by Junior’s Digital Designs

Seraphina loves God abundantly, just like Nate. She is awestruck at God’s generosity in sending His Son to save humanity. It grieves her deeply when she sees something that may be offensive to God.  

Together they are here to support Catholic teaching, help in decision-making, and more.  

I can’t wait to watch them grow with us as they take on the mission of Parables, which is to “share the faith, one story a t a time.” 

As you look upon Nate and Seraphina, we hope they also remind you of your guardian angel. They are here to guide us and protect us, not just physically, but spiritually. 

Stay tuned and meet Nate and Seraphina in our next issue! 

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