Day 17: We Pray for Others

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Day 17: We Can Pray For Others

There is no soul which is not bound to pray, for every single grace comes to the soul through prayer. –St. Faustina

As members of God’s family, we are part of one community. Just like when we sin we affect others, by praying for others we help them. By praying for others and ourselves, we are working with God’s grace to bring forth goodness and love. 

In our lives, we can pray for someone who is sick or hurt. We might have a friend who broke their arm or leg. In this example we can help in person by carrying their books for them. We can also help in prayer by praying for their healing.  

In heaven, the saints and Mary are praying for us. Today, let’s think of one person we know who may need our prayers and pray for them. 

Prayer: Mary, teach us your kindness and lead us to your Son.

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