Day 15: We Make Mistakes

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Day 14: Making Mistakes 8/20

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His mercy endures forever.” ~ Psalm 107:1

Did you ever do something and then realize that your choice was probably a sin? A sin is “An offense against reason, truth, and right conscience. It is an offense against God.” (CCC 1849;1850). 

We love God the Father and when we sin, it hurts the relationship. It is somewhat like when a family member or best friend does something to hurt us (leave us out, get in an argument, lied to us). We know we did wrong and we want to say we are sorry. 

There’s good news! We can! Whether it is a venial sin or mortal sin, we can go to the sacrament of Confession to have our sins forgiven if we are truly sorry for them. We can resolve to avoid sin. When we make another mistake, Confession will be there for us too. 

Confession is another gift from God. He knows we are prone to sin ever since the Adam and Eve event. He knows that no matter how hard we try we will make a mistake. It is inevitable. Did you know some of the best known saints had very sinful pasts before they changed their hearts? 

God can work wonders in our hearts if we only let him in. 

Prayer: Dear God, I am sorry for my sins and will take them to Confession. Help me to avoid sin. 

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