Day 12: Mary is Glorious

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Mary in the Glorious Mysteries

“He is not here; for He is risen!” Matthew 28:6

Although there was a lot of suffering for Mary and Jesus, they also enjoyed the good that came out of their obedience to God. We follow through the Glorious Mysteries as we pray over the Resurrection of Jesus, His Ascension, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, The Assumption of Mary and the Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth. 

In our lives there are many times we must obey those in charge of us such as our parents, but in the end it was because they wanted what was best for us.

For example, maybe we’re told not to snack just before dinner. And even though we know dinner will be our favorite recipe, we want that snack too. However, since we obey our parents, we can enjoy our meal completely instead of being too full to enjoy it. There are many other examples, but we see that when we obey one who truly loves us, we can’t go wrong. 

So, how can we follow Mary and Jesus’ example? We take it one day at a time. One situation at a time. When we are faced with the choices, we should stop and think about those choices. We look to guidance from our parents as well as our Heavenly Mother and Father. 

Prayer: Mary, Queen of Heaven, pray for us!

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