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We have some BIG news! And it all starts tomorrow!

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We are doing something BIG! We have decided to do a 33-Day Consecration of Parables Magazine to Mary. Our prayers will be based on St. Louis de Montfort’s 33 Days of Consecration and the book 33 Days to Morning Glory.


Why are we doing this? Parables Magazine is for God and is designed to bring all people closer to Him. We want only to do His will. When we consecrate ourselves, part of the process is having ourselves cling to God rather than sin.

By consecrating the magazine, we are entrusting the magazine to Jesus and Mary’s loving care. We are letting God take control as we continue as His instruments. Like anyone who consecrates themselves, we are saying to Jesus, “This mission is Yours. Do with it as you will.”

Why start on August 6th? There are so many reasons, but two big ones stand out for us. First, if we start the 6th, after 33 days of prayer, Consecration Day will be on September 8th – the feast of the Nativity of Mary (Mary’s Birthday) 

Another reason we are starting then is because the 6th is the First Saturday. We have discussed in previous issues the request of Mary to do the First 5 Saturdays devotion. It is fitting that these two go together.

As part of our devotion, we are going to do daily blog posts for those wanting to follow along. 

Remember, you too can consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary (children reading this should always seek permission and help from their parents.) 

The structure of our posts will go something like this:

  • A brief beginning prayer
  • Explanation of our daily concept 
  • A brief example
  • How we can make use of this lesson in our daily lives
  • A brief ending prayer
Are you ready for the prayer adventure? 

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