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The Birthday of the Church

The Apostles and Mary
huddled together in the Upper
Room. It would only be a
matter of time before those
who arrested Jesus would
start looking for them. And
Jesus, while he had risen
from the dead, stayed with
the apostles until just days
before when he ascended
into Heaven.

The apostles prayed with
Mary for many days. They
knew God would come to
their aid, but they weren’t
sure how. So, they kept

Tongues of Fire

Then, one day while they
were still praying, a noise
that sounded like a strong
wind came upon them. It
filled the entire house.
Suddenly, tongues of fire
appeared and rested on
each one of them, filling
them with the Holy Spirit.


A Gift from the
Holy Spirit

The apostles were stunned by what had just happened. When they went to speak, they realized they were speaking in different languages. People
from other nations had been staying in Jerusalem and heard the sounds.

When they approached the apostles, the apostles were able to speak and preach to the people in their various languages. On that day,  Pentecost Sunday, the Holy Spirit blessed the Apostles with the ability to spread the Good News throughout the world. 

Art by Jack Foster

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