Book Review: What Color is Heaven

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What Color is Heaven

About the Book

What Color is Heaven by Maurice Prater is a beautiful picture book highlighting the colors in the Bible. It was published by Divine Providence Press in 2020 and illustrated by Jason Koltuniak. The book also includes an Imprimatur by the Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis, Most Reverend Mark S. Rivituso, D.D. , J.C.L.

Best Quote

"The Blue Sky can remind us of the presence of God in all of His creation"

Top Illustration

The page depicting the Divine Mercy image is my favorite illustration. It is a powerful devotion that I have always cherished and the illustrator did a fantastic job of replicating the Divine Mercy image

Our Review

What Color is Heaven is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book that explains the colors in the Bible, while also teaching children their colors.

The simple, yet thorough, explanations not only display where we see the colors in the Bible but also include their symbolism. I especially loved that there are Catholic vocabulary words gently weaved in the text as well as relevant scripture verses within the book.

Jason Koltuniak, did a stunning job of presenting beautiful and professional illustrations along with bold colors which point to God’s own artwork in the world.

Our Recommendation

This is a book Parables Magazine highly recommends for children ages 3-7, though all age groups can enjoy it. The gentle, soothing voice of the book draws the reader in and most importantly points the reader to God by underlining His subtle ways of expressing His divine love for us.

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