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During the Annunciation, the angel Gabriel told Mary that “Jesus” would be her child’s name. The name of a person is a deep and meaningful thing, which often encompasses who we are as an individual. Think of a time you gave a name to something: a new pet, a special toy, a creation you made. When choosing a name, you did it carefully, making sure it fit just right.

So, it is no mistake, then, that God chose the name of Jesus for His son. In Hebrew Jesus is “Yeshua”, which means to deliver or rescue. What a perfectly chosen name for our savior.

His name alone is a prayer. When we say His name with love and devotion, we are honoring and glorifying Him. In addition, if we say it with the reverence it deserves, it will fill our souls with peace.  It is also said by saying His name, we gain an indulgence for the holy souls in Purgatory. What a wonderful thought that we could help another soul by saying Jesus’ name. It is a powerful name because of what He accomplished through His name – our salvation.

Some prayers that honor the Holy Name of Jesus are The Divine Praises, The Chaplet of the Holy Name of Jesus, and the Jesus Prayer. The Divine Praises is already on our website. Keep an eye out in the future for the Chaplet of the Holy Name of Jesus.

The Jesus Prayer is a simple, yet beautiful prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.”  It is a great prayer to help keep the Lord’s name holy, especially if you are tempted to or hear someone say His name in vain.”

This year, remember to keep His holy name close to your heart, especially on the feast day which is celebrated on January 3, 2021.

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