The Immaculate Conception

When you hear the feast of the Immaculate Conception mentioned, what do you picture in your mind? What are the first thoughts? For many Catholics, they mistakenly think of the conception of Jesus as the Immaculate Conception. While He of course is Immaculate and without any blemish whatsoever, the feast is referred to his mother […]

The Covid Christmas Miracle

by Cynthia Reeg I pressed my face against the living room’s cold windowpane. Behind me, Mom and Dad stood huddled in the kitchen.               “It won’t be much of a Christmas this year, Sonia.” Dad’s heavy words said more.  Worry about COVID, his lost job, and no money. “We’ll make this Christmas special,” said Mom. […]

Mara and the Two Coins

by Jane Lebak Mara lived in Capernaum with her mother, her father, and two brothers. Mara was born with no hair. Everyone said, “Don’t worry. Next year, Mara will have hair.” Next year, she still had no hair. Everyone promised, “Next year, Mara will have hair.” When Mara was two, people said, “She should have […]


by Cynthia Reeg Christmas bliss Christmas joy Christmas dreams of each girl and boy. Christmas babe Christmas sights Christmas stars lighting up the night. Christmas hugs Christmas smiles Christmas love spread across the miles. Christmas hope Christmas day Christmas peace brightening our way. © 2021 Cynthia Reeg

Christmas Star

By Samanthi Fernando They saw a starAnd found a BabeWith His lightThe world was changed In the spirit of the storyWe open our heartsTo give and receiveThe love He taught Be a star of hopeTo someone at ChristmasAn answered prayerA light in their world © 2021 Samanthi Fernando