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Parables is a Catholic magazine for children designed to teach and reinforce the beauty of the Catholic Faith through captivating stories, original poems, the Psalms, articles, crafts, and inspiring devotions. We are committed to helping children grow a deeper appreciation of their Catholic faith, one story at a time. 

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At Parables, our mission is to illuminate young hearts and minds with the timeless wisdom and teachings of the Catholic faith. We believe that children are an integral part of the Church and deserve a publication tailored specifically to nurture their spiritual growth and understanding.

Our purpose is to inspire and engage children in the richness of Catholic traditions and values, presented in a captivating and age-appropriate manner. Through carefully crafted content, we aim to instill in our young readers a deep love for God, a profound appreciation for the sacraments, and a genuine sense of compassion and empathy for others.

Parables seeks to serve as a guiding companion for children on their faith journey, fostering a strong moral foundation and encouraging them to live virtuous lives. By sharing saint stories for kids, children’s Bible stories, catechism for kids, and meaningful life lessons, we hope to empower children to embrace their faith with enthusiasm and curiosity. Additionally, we aim to support Catholic parents and Catholic teachers with a growing list of Catholic resources. 

With unwavering dedication, we wish to be a beacon of light, sharing the transformative power of God’s Word and the teachings of the Church, “one story at a time.” Together, we embark on this sacred journey of faith, fostering a world where children’s hearts are enkindled with the love of Christ and their lives are enriched by the eternal truths found in the Catholic faith.

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